how to install

Picking the Correct Cover Size:

  1. Measure the total distance of A-B (C-D) depending on your sofa shape and size.

  2. It is important to include the height of the armrests as the fabric tightly fits around the sofa.

For "L-Shape" sofas you will need two separate pieces. Please measure accordingly.

Product is only for the sofa sets, it does not include pillowcases, these are sold separately!

Please make sure that your sofa has a gap to secure the foam sticks. CoverMySofa™ covers are not suitable for sofas with a shallow gap.

  • 1 Seater: Sofa length between 90-140cm
  • 2 Seater: Sofa length between 145-180cm
  • 3 Seater: Sofa length between 185-230cm
  • 4 Seater: Sofa length between 235-300cm 

How to Install:

  1. Position the CoverMySofa™ cover over the sofa with the label at the back
  2. Pull the cover over the sofa in the right direction
  3. Secure the slipcover by tying it underneath with strings
  4. Tuck foam sticks or cloth strip into the gap of the sofa

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